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Speakers Pride W 8

Speakers Pride W 8, Powerful low-playing midbass model from the Pride Car Audio brand. A 20-centimeter midbass speaker that can be used in both a 2-component and 3-component system.

Our recommendations are a kind of message to the user how to unleash the potential of the speaker, having received its capabilities in its entirety.

If we compare the W8 with “false-midbass”, which are a weighted midrange speaker, then we can say with confidence that they can be used without a subwoofer at all; the “celestial” is not even close to us.

The best choice for loud systems.Range of reproduced frequencies, Hz 50 – 500Max (Peak Power), W 600

RMS (rated power), W 300Balanced sound, loud and high quality. Great voice and vocals. Like everyone


Complete set of sales:

W8″ – 1 pairs

ABS Gasket 8″ – 2 pcs

Metal Mesh – 2 pcs

Carton box

Metal mesh and abs ring not included

Technical feature

RMS300 W

Re Ω3,1 Ohms

Sens (1W/1m)90,1 dB

Sens (2.83Vrms/1m)94,4 dB

Impedance4 Ohm

Physical feature

Magnet’s materialHigh-quality ferrite rings

Frame materialSteel

Voice coil materialcopper-plated aluminum

Pride W8

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