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Amplifier Pride Quattro XL

Stylish and powerful 4-channel car amplifier with a developed crossover. This amplifier is created for true fans of the Pride brand who want to achieve maximum results in their speaker system. Due to the fact that the Pride Quattro XL belongs to the class AB amplifiers, you can get excellent sound quality from your system with proper setup.

Pride Quattro XL is a 4-channel AB class amplifier. Stably works at a load of 2 ohms per channel, or 4 ohms in the “bridge switching mode” of the channels. The power of each of the four channels is 175 W for a load of 4 Ohms or 300 W for a load of 2 Ohms, at a voltage of 14.4 V and K.N.I. 1%.

The Quattro X is equipped with 3 40 A fuses, as well as high and low frequency filters with a wide operating range.

Amplifier Quattro X has excellent heat dissipation due to the massive aluminum case, more than 500 mm in length.

The Pride Quattro XL is equipped with practical terminals for secure cable fixation and guarantees a high level of reliability and assembly. The updated version features improved temperature protection and filter multipliers.

RMS rated power of 2 ohms, number of channels x W 4 x 300

RMS rated power at 4 ohms, number of channels x W 4 x 175

RMS rated power at 4 ohms (mono), W 600

Range of reproduced frequencies, Hz 15 – 30000

You can install a quality solution for Your car and connect 4 channel speakers or Twitters. It is possible to work in 2 Ohms.

Our products are available in the USA and you can buy the best car audio equipment right now!


Technical feature

2 Ohm Power300 W x 4

4 Ohm Power175 W x 4

4 Ohm Power Mono600 W x 2

Frequency Response15 Hz – 30 KHz

Signal to Noise100 dB

Efficiency @ 4ohmOver 65%

Damping Factor> 200

Input Sensitivity8V-0,3V

High Pass Filter20 Hz – 8 KHz

Low Pass Filter50 Hz – 8 KHz

Strap ConnectionNo

Fuse Rating120 A (3 x 40A)

Physical feature

Length500 mm

Height53 mm

Width220 mm


Pride Quattro XL

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