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Amplifier Pride Quattro Plus

In range of Pride Car Audio brand equipment you can find an amplifier Pride Quattro Plus. It is available on the US market now!

It is a 4-channel AB class amplifier, ideal for powering a speakerphone.

Pride Quattro plus Stably operates on a load of 2 ohms per channel, or 4 ohms in the “bridge switching mode” of the channels.

The power of each of the four channels is 100 W for a load of 4 Ohms or 140 W for a load of 2 Ohms, at a voltage of 14.4 volts and K.N.I. 1%

Range of reproduced frequencies, Hz 15 – 30000

RMS rated power of 2 ohms, number of channels x W 4 x 140

RMS rated power of 4 ohms, number of channels x W 4 x 100

RMS rated power at 4 ohms, bridge, W 2 x 280

You can install a quality solution for Your car and connect 4 channel speakers or Twitters. It is possible to work in 2 Ohms.

Buy it now and enjoy the power of sound by Pride Car Audio!

Technical feature

2 Ohm Power140 W x 4

4 Ohm Power100 W x 4

4 Ohm Power Mono280 W x 2

Frequency Response15 Hz – 30 KHz

Signal to Noise100 dB

Efficiency @ 4ohmOver 65%

Damping Factor> 200

Input Sensitivity8V-0,3V

High Pass Filter20 Hz – 8 KHz

Low Pass Filter50 Hz – 8 KHz

Strap ConnectionNo

Fuse Rating80 A (2 x 40А)

Physical feature

Length400 mm

Height53 mm

Width220 mm


Pride Quattro Plus 140w X 4

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