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Speakers component Pride Harmony 6,5 v2

We present to you an improved version of the Harmony 6.5 v.2 component acoustics: our goal was to make the acoustics as loud and powerful as the Harmony 6.5C v.1, but with a smoother and clearer sound.

What has changed?

The speakers have a new diffuser and cap + an improved magnetic system

Tweeters have a new dome

The tweeter filter has become second order

We invite you to conduct your own test drive and choose which side are you on:

Harmony 6.5 v.1 or Harmony 6.5 v.2?


Harmony 6,5 component acoustics includes:

Harmony mid bass 6,5 – 2 pcs

Tweeter Harmony 25C – 2 pcs

Capacitor for tweeters – 2 pcs

Price per 1 set

Buy Pride Car Audio brand acoustics now and change your car audio system forever!

Pride Harmony 6.5v2

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