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Amplifiers Pride Apollo

Practical, reliable, easy to use – this car amplifier model combines this and much more. You can’t do without an amplifier if you want to connect powerful speakers, a subwoofer, or run a 2 or 3-way system. Thanks to it, you can enjoy loud and high-quality music in your car.

1-channel power amplifier Pride Apollo 5000W. Suitable for subwoofer up to 5000 Watts RMS.

This model will be an excellent choice in systems where 3-4 speakers are installed, for example, Pride HP / MT series, or a pair of Pride Tv.3 / Sv.3 speakers

The rated power of the Pride Appolo is 5,000 watts per 1 ohm load, at a voltage of 14.4 V and a distortion level of the output signal of 1%.

It can work both in bridge mode and in array mode (link). Without fear, it is possible to connect to a load with a resistance of 0.5 Ohms if it is a subwoofer speaker whose DC resistance of the voice coils is not lower than the indicated mark.

Range of reproduced frequencies, Hz 15 – 270


RMS rated power of 1 ohm, number of channels x W 2 x 5000

RMS rated power of 2 ohms, number of channels x W 4 x 3000

RMS rated power at 4 ohms, number of channels x W 4 x 1700

Developed and designed on the basis of Korean Circuitry with the completion of Russian engineers.

Excellent solution for powerful subwoofers and high-quality sound for many years of work.

Buy it now and enjoy the power of sound by Pride Car Audio!


Technical feature

1 Ohm Power5000 W

2 Ohm Power3000 W

4 Ohm Power1700 W

Frequency Response15Hz – 270 Hz

Signal to Noise85 dB

Efficiency @ 4ohmOver 90%

Damping Factor> 200

Input Sensitivity6V-0,2V

Subsonic Filter10 Hz – 50 Hz

Bass Boost0-9 dB

Remote Control with indication of exceeding the distortionIncluded

Low Pass Filter35 Hz – 250 Hz

Phase0-180 degree

Strap ConnectionYes

Fuse Rating450 A

Physical feature

Length560 mm

Height66 mm

Width220 mm


Pride Apollo 5000w X 1

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